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Red Sea Hotel Apartment is proud to offer a selection of spaces and services suitable for any type of event or party. Renowned for our adapted facilities, we guarantee you the ideal place for your big day. Contact our logistics specialists to learn more about our rooms, catering services and complementary solutions.


Many events take place throughout the year, and there is no better place to host them than Red Sea Hotel Apartment. Take advantage of the variety of our spaces to turn your next party or meeting into an unforgettable event. From event planning to catering, our staff is ready to help. Contact us to find out more, we look forward to organizing your next event!


The food and drinks we serve at Red Sea Hotel Apartment have been carefully crafted to meet the cravings of our young and old guests. Our ingredients are fresh and seasonal and we can cater for all dietary requirements. Discover our excellent restaurant and bar, and contact a member of the team if you cannot find what you are looking for.

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